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It’s all about building trust…

Like any relationship, your relationship with your customer is all about building trust and in loyalty trust plays a huge factor. According to the Oxford Dictionary, trust is the “Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”– that something is your brand! Trust needs to be built in order to harness […]

Loyalty is a team effort!

A loyalty programme will live or die by your staff, so brands need to remember that the success of any loyalty activity does not stop with the marketing department. No loyalty programme can be run by one person alone and for any loyalty activity to succeed it needs the buy in from each and every […]

Do luxury brands miss out online?

Drapers is an uber favourite, so when they wrote about one of our areas of expertise, the luxury sector, our ears pricked up! As has been highly reported, luxury brands are the one area to have been immune to the recession, but Drapers asked does it miss out when it comes to competing online? On […]

Friday facts: It’s good to smile :)

We’re all about smiling in the uber office but now we have proof that laughter really is the best medicine! Check out these top facts and learn why it should be smiles all round! Forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood: Psychologists have found that even if you’re in bad mood, you can instantly […]

Can you afford not to do your research?

How well do you know your customer? When was the last time you spoke to them and asked them what they love (and don’t love) about your brand? It’s very easy to convince yourself that you intuitively know your customers’ likes and dislikes…but have you ever actually asked them? We can’t tell you how important […]

Don’t just stand there, stand out!

Anyone who has seen Sarah or Derek talk at events, exhibitions or training workshops, will know what credible engaging and inspirational speakers they are, so you now have the chance to join them at a one day coaching workshop in October, to learn how to deliver powerful, engaging presentations that captivate the audience and enhance […]

Your Armitages ‘grows’ into year 2!

You may have seen us in the press lately talking about the success of Armitages Garden Centre’s loyalty programme – Your Armitages – as it celebrates its first birthday with 20,000 members and a community of loyal brand advocates. We’re super happy to report that the Huddersfield-based business attributes 50% of its weekly transactions to […]

Is your loyalty activity consistent?

We live in a super accessible world with smart phones, tablet computers and laptops, permanently attached to most people! For this reason, it has never been more important that your loyalty activity is reaching all these touch points. Just sending emails to your loyal brand advocates isn’t enough. Your key messages and all your planned activity […]

Keep it relevant and personal!

We are all about the customer and are continually carrying out customer research on behalf of ourselves or our clients so we know what customers like…and don’t like! For this reason, we know how much your customers want you to get personal with them and offer them relevant treats and rewards in your loyalty programme! It’s highly […]

COLLIN RESULTIME gets set for summer!

We thought it had been a while since we let you know about COLLIN RESULTIME, so what better time to talk about our favourite luxury skincare client than in the midst of their fab Get Set for Summer campaign! As you know, we have designed, developed and implemented COLLIN RESULTIME’s customer loyalty programme creating an exclusive […]