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Looking at Loyalty in 2013? Lessons from some big brands…

“Let’s do loyalty in 2013” might seem like a simple New Year’s resolution, but getting started can be little bit more daunting! There are lots of big brands out there who continue to try, test, learn and succeed in continually adapting various loyalty initiatives and strategies… This blog & white paper bring together the thoughts […]

Create a point-less customer loyalty programme!

Of course our latest whitepaper certainly isn’t advising that businesses should introduce a loyalty scheme on a whim, just because the board say ‘let’s do loyalty’… Quite the opposite in fact: it’s purpose is to encourage companies to think twice before launching an ‘off-the-shelf’ points-based programme which could fall short of meeting the objectives of […]

Do you believe in love at first sight?

  …because we don’t, so we’ve written a new whitepaper about it! Customer relationship management (CRM) has lots of similarities with the dating game and we’ve used this analogy to explain how investing in a customer loyalty program will reap long term rewards by creating a lucrative community of brand devotees who hang on your every […]

A look at loyalty through your customers’ eyes…

If you’re looking at introducing a customer loyalty scheme or you’re curious about what today’s consumer expects from program rewards, check out the latest whitepaper that uber has produced, ‘Looking at Loyalty through the eyes of consumers’ uber undertook some really extensive research to feed this whitepaper and got some really great feedback from consumers […]

Lusting after loyalty longevity?

In this climate, who isn’t? Everyone’s heard that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, so long term customer loyalty and customer retention should be key to your marketing strategy. uber’s latest whitepaper challenges the norm, advising businesses that it’s no longer feasible to ‘shoehorn’ customers into […]

Top Tips from your favourite loyalty consultants…

The uber team have had our thinking caps on about all of the customer loyalty queries that people have for us when we’re out and about at trade shows & speaking events or when they call our office for a chat. Great news is that we’ve now put all our answers together in a top […]

Is customer retention the holy grail?

…in a word, yes! All marketers have heard the age-old statistic that it costs five times more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one…and in today’s economic situation, that’s never been truer! Our latest whitepaper ‘Customer Retention – The Holy Grail’ gives some super insight from uber MD Sarah Cross on […]

Super Salon Tips!

The uber team have lots of experience of working in the salon industry, so we’ve pulled together some top tips that’ll kick start your salon marketing strategy. In our opinion, salon marketing is all about customer loyalty – you’ll want to drive revenue by encouraging your clients to come back to you (customer retention) and […]

Looking at Loyalty in 2011?

…then have a look at our whitepaper; it’s been written especially for you! Tesco launched their Clubcard loyalty program back in 1995 but they’re the first to admit that they’re still learning, developing and adapting to a changing customer loyalty environment. This whitepaper will give you a heads up on social media integration within loyalty […]