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Sanity check your business strategy and loyalty marketing plans

The start of 2014 will bring lots of new exciting things for our businesses, this time of the year we’re all either still planning or getting budgets signed off… One thing that really should be part of any businesses core strategy is ENGAGEMENT; working towards keeping your customers at the heart of your business will […]

Finally doing Loyalty the right way

Fab to see John Lewis launching its loyalty programme with NO POINTS! I’ve been a loyalty consultant for the past 17 years and seen lots of brands ‘do points’ because they ‘want to follow other brands like Boots and Tesco’. I’ve been harping on for years and going against the grain implementing non points based […]

Loyalty Consultant, Sarah Cross, Speaks at the Beauty Trends & Innovations

Last week our Loyalty Consultant and co founder of CODE Beautiful, Sarah Cross, spoke at the Beauty Trends & Innovations Conference alongside Lee Stafford, Will King, The King of Shaves and Joanne Marshall, Batiste. Sarah spoke about how to drive and enhance your customer journey and maximise revenue by developing an integrated engagement strategy. Focusing […]

How well do you really know your customers?

we all think that we know our audience pretty well and you know what we probably do, but there isn’t a piece of research work I’ve done over the last 16 years that hasn’t brought out a little gem, that piece of insight into a consumers mind, heart and their propensity to allow brands to […]

Kicking off with Bents

Super excited to be working with Bents, a family run business on the outskirts of Cheshire (as well as an online store) they’ve engaged uber to design and launch an exceptional customer loyalty programme allowing Bents to build a stronger relationship with their customers whilst engaging and increasing their lifetime value. Bents are very much […]

Loyalty…Think Global

In a world that’s getting smaller rapidly, and companies exporting their goods overseas to drive revenue, these brands now need to think globally about their loyalty activity and give customers what they want around the world. The fundamentals of customer loyalty do not change whether you’re in the UK or the Middle East. But what […]

April is Customer Loyalty month!

April is Customer Loyalty month! It’s important that you focus on building customer loyalty and planning your loyalty strategy throughout the year, taking an adaptive approach to loyalty will get you the best results. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the holy grail of retaining customers, the brands that win, are the ones that […]

uber goes to Great Lengths!

Lovely to catch up with the Great Lengths team as always, reviewing the past few months’ campaigns and planning for the next! We carried out a research project recently to fully understand what salons and stylists wanted from Great Lengths and it’s loyalty programme, the Inner Circle. It’s been almost two years since we did […]

How to win the hearts, minds and wallets of your clients…

Join Sarah Cross at Professional Beauty London 2013 to learn why winning the hearts, minds and wallets of your clients has never been harder and how engaging with your customers and staff is key to growing your business. Get ahead in your sector and learn tips and techniques you can take back to your business […]

Looking at Loyalty in 2013? Lessons from some big brands…

“Let’s do loyalty in 2013” might seem like a simple New Year’s resolution, but getting started can be little bit more daunting! There are lots of big brands out there who continue to try, test, learn and succeed in continually adapting various loyalty initiatives and strategies… This blog & white paper bring together the thoughts […]