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uber was formed by Sarah Cross who is passionate about delivering results-driven solutions for brands

With over 17 years experience, Sarah is proud to have worked with some great brands over the years, helping them develop and deliver a marketing and customer loyalty strategy, driving incremental sales and introducing one to one Customer Relationship Management.

Sarah studied in Dubai and spent the early part of her career setting up a business in the UAE.  After coming back to the UK Sarah has worked in marketing and loyalty consultancies on brands from fashion through to finance.  

Designing and developing marketing and loyalty strategy for business improvement is her core strength, Sarah has designed and implemented plans across many sectors, for businesses such as Diesel, Ted Baker, to Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Mersey Travel.  Sarah spent 2 years in house at cool brand ghd, as global head of loyalty and strategy, overseeing CRM (customer relationship management) and Customer Loyalty. 

She set up uber in 2008 as she spotted a gap in the market for a specialist loyalty consultancy that is independent of technology and combined technical expertise with creative knowledge.

Sarah now works with like-minded control freaks and workaholics who have a few things in common but mainly.... We deliver marketing and loyalty innovation to customers, giving them a reason to keep coming back. uber has the right experience to be at the forefront of marketing and loyalty. From manufacturers and retailers to superbrands and cool brands, we have designed and delivered many different types of solutions both b2c and b2b and deliver loyalty strategy, and innovative edgy loyalty programmes that stand out from the crowd.

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