Get rewarding – what do customers actually want?


As part of any loyalty activity, rewarding your customers features heavily, but how do you make sure you’re giving customers what they want and keep them coming back for more?

Have you asked them? Do your research in the initial stages of implementing your loyalty programme and get to know your customer and what they want. What do they do, where do they do it and who do they do it with? Understanding your customer will allow you to reward them with treats and surprises they will love.

The key to any loyalty strategy is flexibility and adaptability – some things you plan will work…others won’t!

Brands need to be brave and realise they will make mistakes along the way. We always advise brands that the first year of any loyalty activity should be a ‘test and learn’ phase. Try different rewards and incentives to see what turns your customers on and off.

Be sensible and segment your customers; only offering certain initiatives to certain groups so it doesn’t have a detrimental effect on your business and make a record of customer behaviour.

When rewarding, work with local business and complimentary brands that will entice more members to join your community. This won’t cost you anything and will be mutually beneficial: brilliant!  :-)