How organised is your loyalty activity?


Emma is the Queen of Organisation in the uber office and the lady behind all our systems and processes. Here are her top tips on how to make sure your loyalty programme  is a success by keeping an eye on the details…

  1. Plan! Plan! Plan! We plan by quarter for clients and work in advance, so we can make sure there is plenty of time to prepare and ensure everything’s in place for the coming quarter. By doing everything in quarters, you can review it regularly and see what works and what doesn’t.    Taking an adaptive approach will definitely guarantee you the best results!
  2. The Bible: uber and its clients live their daily work lives by the bible aka thecommunication plan! Everything going on in the company should be documented in the bible and your time plan organised around it.
  3. CRM is the core to any loyalty programme but the real role of CRM is always much more than the contact strategy and database management. It’s about the degree to which you can align all departments behind a common goal; creating the best possible brand experience in whatever form the consumer chooses.
  4. All staff need training and to be singing from the same hymn sheet – any loyalty activity lives or dies by the attitude of your staff so make sure you’re training them sufficiently to do so.
  5. Everyone must follow the same procedures to ensure the customer experience is flawless. Systems and processes are in place for a reason – make sure you and your staff are using them!