How well do you really know your customers?


We all think that we know our audience pretty well and you know what we probably do, but there isn’t a piece of research work I’ve done over the last 16 years that hasn’t brought out a little gem, that piece of insight into a consumers mind, heart and their propensity to allow brands to get that little bit closer to them.

Being independent of brands it’s quite easy for me to ask the right questions and really get under the skin of what consumers expect these days from brands to retain them. After all as consumers we’ve never had so much choice, so retaining a customer can be as tough as flipping a coin… UNLESS you get them involved in your decision making, you see it’s not just enough to be customer focused, you really do need them involved, why second guess when a couple of focus groups combined with some online simple but effectively written questions can bring out some real gems or in fact re-inforce your decision making process.

If your customers really are your most precious assets, then know how to look after them to keep them for longer.