Is your loyalty activity consistent?


We live in a super accessible world with smart phones, tablet computers and laptops, permanently attached to most people! For this reason, it has never been more important that your loyalty activity is reaching all these touch points.

Just sending emails to your loyal brand advocates isn’t enough. Your key messages and all your planned activity needs to be integrated across all channels and should be easily available at every touch point to your business, whether this is in store, online, on social media, or through advertising and your staff messaging.

Whether your customers are checking their Facebook, twitter, emails, brand apps or even in store or salon, your key brand messages need to be consistent and coherent!

And as we always say, don’t forget your most vocal and influential touch point…your staff !

Your loyalty programme will live or die by the enthusiasm of them and if they don’t understand it and believe in it, your customers won’t either. You have to invest time to get them excited and really get their buy in to the programme for its long term success. If they’re part of your programme, they will understand it and communicate it more effectively, so get them involved!