Keep it relevant and personal!


We are all about the customer and are continually carrying out customer research on behalf of ourselves or our clients so we know what customers like…and don’t like!

For this reason, we know how much your customers want you to get personal with them and offer them relevant treats and rewards in your loyalty programme! It’s highly unlikely that a lady with two children that lives in the country likes the same as a city living singleton – so treat them differently.

Spending time to segment your data well by age, sex, location and transactional data (depending how sophisticated your CRM software is!) will allow you to speak to your customers relevantly and personally, and will see a noticeable improvement on redemption rates and engagement levels.

But remember, the art is in the delivery. Generic emails are rarely effective. You need to get personal, use your data, be creative and write for your audience.

Use your CRM software to get even more personal in your communications. Tailor the style and tone of your email to suit your audience and include their name, local store or past purchase information so the recipient feels included and special! Take an adaptive approach and test different campaigns to see what works best with your audience.

Remember, customers are your most precious assets…looking after them means keeping them for longer!  :-)