Loyalty is a team effort!


A loyalty programme will live or die by your staff, so brands need to remember that the success of any loyalty activity does not stop with the marketing department.

No loyalty programme can be run by one person alone and for any loyalty activity to succeed it needs the buy in from each and every department in the business.

Whether it’s the till staff, the customer service team, the sales guys or those behind-the-scene  – each and every one needs to be fully versed in all loyalty activity and understand the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing.  So how do you do this?

Educate – Make sure all staff understand the reasons for why you’re carrying out your loyalty activity. Explain that rewarding your loyal customers will attract and retain customers and drive revenue – essential to grow the business! Each department needs to understand their vital role in the activity and understand what the results will mean for the business and their future with it.

Motivate – Get your staff excited about the programme. Now your staff understand the business reasons behind your loyalty activity, you need to get their buy-in. Your loyalty programme will live or die by your staff with them being the first point of contact for most of your customers. They need to receive the relevant training to be able to do this and communicate properly and positively with your customers.

Incentivise – Set your staff targets.  Each department needs targets relating to their input in the loyalty programme. Whether this is related to the number of sign ups till staff have made, the quality of partnership deals marketing staff have secured, or how well sales managers have communicated to your business partners, each one needs targets.

The golden role of your loyalty activity is to keep your staff in the loop. Make sure you’re sending regular updates, they know what activity is happening month on month and they understand any exclusives available to members.

And above all, make sure you are giving all staff feedback on how they’re doing and how successful the programme is becoming. It’s a team effort…so get everyone on board!