Loyalty…Think Global


In a world that’s getting smaller rapidly, and companies exporting their goods overseas to drive revenue, these brands now need to think globally about their loyalty activity and give customers what they want around the world.

The fundamentals of customer loyalty do not change whether you’re in the UK or the Middle East. But what does change? And how do you make sure you’re giving your French customers what’s right for them which could be totally different to those down under?

Ask them! Whichever country your business is exporting to, you will undertake intensive market research before making the move, so make sure your customers are getting a look-in at this stage. What cultural issues are there that could make an impact on their decision making process and what do you need to take into consideration when offering rewards and promotions – you don’t want to offend or turn customers off!

Get to know the market properly and see what other brands are offering in the region. Get ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd with your global loyalty proposition, we’d love to help you break into new markets, do your research and get your proposition right.